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Drohobychterritorial community



First written mention - 1238Population - 122 905Community budget for 2021 - 811 million hryvnias. The most transparent city in Ukraine 2020 Transparency International Ukraine.

Structure of the Economy

45% machinery, 37% refinery, 15% service industry, 1,2% construction materials, 1% light industry, 0,7% chemical industry , 0,1% printing industry 

Building Icons

34 human settlements 

Drohobych, Stebnyk, Bykiv, Bystrytsia, Biynychi, Bolekhivtsi, Bronytsia, Verkhni Hai, Volya Yakubova, Hlynne, Derezhychi, Dobrivlyany, Dolishniy Luzhok, Zaluzhany, Kotovane, Lishnya, Medvezha, Mykhailevychi, Monastyr-Derezhnytskyi, Monastyr- Lishnyantsky, Nahuevychi, Nyzhni Hai, Nove Selo, Novoshychi, Ortynychi, Pochayevychi, Ranevychi, Rykhtychi, Selets, Sniatynka, Stare Selo, Stupnytsia, Unyatychi, Khatky.


Drohobych is located 90 km southwest of the regional center - Lviv. Drohobych - Kyiv - 623 km. Drohobych - Ivano-Frankivsk - 127 km. Drohobych - Ternopil - 213 km. Drohobych - Vinnytsia - 417 km. 


The Chernivtsi-Nyzhankovychi highway and the Stryi-Sambir railway pass through the city, as well as the roads of regional significance: Drohobych-Mostyska, Pisochne-Skhidnytsia, Drohobych-Dovholuka, Komarne-Drohobych.

Border crossing points:

Poland: Mostyska - Przemysl - 81 km., Smilnytsia - Krostsenko - 78 km., Krakivets - Korchova - 108 km., Hrushiv - Budomezh - 117 km. Slovakia: Ublya - Malyi Bereznyi - 207 km.

Drohobych airdrome 

The runway of the airdrome has an asphalt-concrete surface measuring 900x21 m. All light aircraft can arrive and land here. The total area of the airdrome is over 23 thousand square meters. Designed for flights of aircraft weighing up to 10 tons. Distance to Lviv Airport - 76 km.

Bus service 

There are 2 bus stations in the city. The Drohobych transport hub provides daily international passenger service. Regular flights to Lviv, Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kalush, Dolyna, Sambir, Stryi, as well as international flights to Poland and the Czech Republic depart from the bus station.


The main competitive factor of Drohobych region is a large number of talented young people. More than 6,500 students receive education and professional training. In Drohobych, the Youth Space has been operating for more than three years, promoting youth self-realization and creating the preconditions for staying and creating change in the Drohobych community.

Smart specialization of the community

Awards of the city: “Drohobych is the most transparent city of Ukraine. Figures, facts, community benefits "; "Open and Innovative City of the Year" Kyiv Smart Forum; "Open City of the Year"; Best practice of local self-government - “Drohobych - Smart Community”; Winning the annual Open Data Forum competition in the Open Data City Award category; First place in the ranking of transparency of the 100 largest cities of Ukraine for 2017, 2018 - TI Ukraine; In 2020, Drohobych entered the TOP-10 of the most promising cities with dynamic tourism development.

There are 34 smart city services available that every resident of the community can use online.


Personnel and educational potential

122 905 - population of Drohobych territorial community

    66,100 people - the population aged 15-64;
    95,907 - urban population; 26,998 - rural population;
    14 118 - average number of full-time employees;
    1000 - the number of unemployed;
    1424 - graduates of vocational education institutions in 2019.

4 institutions of professional education,8 educational institutions of I-II level of accreditation, 2 institutions of III-IV level of accreditation - Drohobych State Pedagogical University named after Ivan Franko, a branch of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic".

Investment objects

PJSC "Drohobych Machine-Building Plant"

Drohobych, Boryslavska Street, 55/1. Type of object - working enterprise. Terms of use: renta

LLC Drohobych Sewing Enterprise “Zorya.”

Drohobych, Hrushevskoho Street, 101. Type of investment object - non-operating enterprise. Terms of use: rent / sale

Newly built non-residential premises

Drohobych, Sambirska Street, 29. Type of investment object - non-residential premises. Terms of use: rent. Non-residential premises for a shop, offices.

SOE “Farmatreyd” 

Drohobych, Sambirska Street, 85. Type of investment object - a working enterprise. Number of employees - 150 people. Terms of use: sale / rent. Previous use: manufacture of pharmaceutical products


Drohobych, Proyektna Street, 3. Type of investment object - a working enterprise. Terms of use: rent with the right of redemption. Newly built complex.

Business premises

Drohobych, Stryiska Street, 266. Type of investment object - private property. Terms of use: sale. Previous use: administrative building. Unemployed enterprise.


Drohobych, Iryny Wilde street, 8. Type of investment object - a working enterprise. Terms of use: rent with the right of redemption.

Industrial warehouse

Drohobych, Stryiska stret, 268 (district of school №8). Type of investment object - a working enterprise. Terms of use: rent, partial rent. Previous use: warehouse.

Land plot in Drohobych

Drohobych, district of Severina Nalyvaika street. Type of investment object – land plot. The area of the land plot – 4,4 hectares. Terms of use: sale into property / rent / renting out.

Land plot in Drohobych

Drohobych, district of Severina Nalyvaika street. Type of investment object – land plot. The area of the land plot – 9,4 hectares. Terms of use: sale into property / rent / renting out.

Land plot in Drohobych

Drohobych, district of Vynnychenka street. Type of investment object – land plot. The area of the land plot – 9,1 hectares. Terms of use: sale into property / rent / renting out.

Land plot in Drohobych

Drohobych, district of Honchara street. Type of investment object – land plot. The area of the land plot – 4 hectares. Terms of use: sale into property / rent / renting out.

Warehouse and industrial premises

Drohobych,Turasha, 20 street. Type of investment object - vacated premises. Terms of use: sale. Previous use: part of the enterprise for the production of equipment for the oil and gas and mining industries.

Number of enterprises - 555

The sown area of agricultural crops – 13 thousand hectares. The sown area of grain crops is 7.9 thousand hectares. Volume of construction products output – 110 434. Volume of products sold (goods, services) by enterprises – UAH 17,639 million.

Budget opportunities

    Reform of fiscal decentralization and growth of business activity in the community allow Drohobych local community to increase the revenue side of the budget.
    Надходження до бюджету формуютьRevenues to the budget are formed by enterprises and institutions operating in more than 20 areas and industries

Investment conditions

    Land tax rate (from the normative-monetary assessment, depending on the purpose) 1-12%.
    Real estate tax rate (depending on the size of the minimum wage, depending on the object and location area) is 0,1 – 0,9%.
    Single tax rate: Group I - 10% (of the subsistence level). Group II - 20% (of the minimum wage). Group III - 3-5% (from the annual turnover and depending on the payment of VAT)

Successful enterprises


LLC “Drohobych Truck Crane Plant” 

1. Manufacture of lifting equipment: truck cranes, excavators.2. Current and capital repairs of lifting equipment.3. Execution of various works on production of a metalwork weighing up to 10 tons, details and knots according to drawings of the Customer.


Company “Nesto”

The company nesto manufactures modern kitchens, bedroom furniture, children's furniture, bathrooms and hallways, business furniture for offices, salons, hotels and restaurants. Nesto is its own production with automated equipment, which includes:
MDF milling, painting, varnishing of facades, additive of details on CNC machines, metal processing, edging of products, etc.


LLC “Drohobych Meat Processing Plant”

The capacity of the enterprise is 30 tons of meat, cattle per shift. Types of products: chilled beef; frozen block beef; frozen / chilled offal, low-salt hides, fats. Products are exported to Georgia, Uzbekistan.



"Zahidukrtrans" is a leader in the market of international road transport in Ukraine. The company's transport delivers goods from EU countries to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The fleet includes 300 cars Mercedes-Benz Actros of Euro-5 and Euro-6 class.


LLC "Universal drilling equipment"

The only enterprise in Ukraine for the manufacture of drilling tools. The company produces more than 230 sizes of drill checker chisels. The company's products are exported to the United States, Canada, Peru, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, EU countries and others.


LLC Trading House “Servus”

National producer and leader of Ukraine in the field of energy-saving housing construction. More than 1,600 facilities have been built: residential buildings, recreation centers, hotels, offices, and agricultural farms.



Manufacturer of natural flooring of the highest quality. Collaborates with both wholesale customers and individual customers. UKKAN parquet board is a glued construction, which uses oak lamella and moisture-resistant birch plywood, made using melamine resins.


PJSC "Drohobych Bakery"

One of the largest enterprises in the bakery industry in Prykarpatskyi region. “Drohobych Bakery” preserves baking traditions and its own recipes, developed over many years, but at the same time adopts the best world experience. Bread is made from natural high-quality raw materials, without the use of preservatives and improvers.


Drohobych enterprise of disabled "DOBROBUD"

Sawmilling, planing production. Production of wooden building, constructions and joiner's products. Manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials, building metal structures.



Manufacture of clothes. Products are exported to Denmark.

How to invest?

Buy a dwelling

Drohobych community is a unique place. Here you can escape from the big city and, at the same time, stay in the rhythm of modern life.

Transfer your business

We will do our best to ensure the sustainable development of your business.

Build production

We provide quality services for a successful start of a new business.

The key value is people. We work every day to make the Drohobych territorial community the most comfortable place to live.


The Drohobych community actively cooperates with various civil society institutions, both Ukrainian and international.

Twin cities: Kyiv, Nova Kakhovka, Novoaydar, Gmina Olecko , Sanok , Gmina Neliż, Bytom, Demblin, Ostrzeszów County, Przemyśl, Debica, Legnica, Myszków County (Republic of Poland). City of Lipik (Republic of Croatia). The city of Smiltene (Republic of Latvia). City of Banská Bystrica (Slovakia). Cities of Buffalo, Muscatine (USA).

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Phone-number: +380 96 917 37 20, e-mail: moc.liamg%40hcybohordtsevni



Ihor Chava


Project Manager.Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism Development of the Executive Bodies of Drohobych Town Council. Head of the Agency for Tourist Initiatives


Stanislav Letsyk


Project Manager.
Chief Specialist of the Department of Tourism, Promotion and Creative Industries.
Head of the public organization "New Stebnyk"


Oleksii Malytskyi

Los Angeles

Promotion strategy expert, “external consultant”


Andriy Luchkiv


Investment coordinatorАдвокат, Lawyer, deputy of Drohobych Town Council.